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Profifluss-M prophylaxis powder

The prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®-M are white powders on the basis of sodium bicarbonate.
The particle size of the powders is 70 microns, since with a larger particle size the polishing effect is 
less pronounced, and with a smaller particle size, the processing time increases. 
The special form of the particles of the powders provides high effectivity of their application.

The prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®-M produced in compliance with ISO 20608:2018 "Dentistry -
Powder jet handpieces and powders" and can be used with all dental cleaning and abrasion powder jet
handpieces and systems, designed to work with these types of powders.

The prophylaxis powders PROFIFLUSS®-M are for supragingival use only, cleaning and polishing 
application (removal of dental deposits and also removal of biofilm, cleaning and polishing of tooth
surfaces in the scope of certain medical procedures as an integral part of the procedure).

For patient comfort, powders have 8 different aromas:  lemon,  strawberry,  orange, black current, 
cherry, apple, mint and neutral, odorless. The aroma of the powder is indicated on the label

1 bottle 300 gram

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